2020-21 Agricultural Census

General information on the 2020-21 Agricultural Census for survey respondents and other stakeholders


2020-21 Agricultural Census – what you need to know

Farmers across Australia are completing the Agricultural Census from July 2021. The survey asks about agricultural production, land and water use in 2020-21.

If you have already received the 2020-21 Agricultural Census and need help filling out the form please go to www.abs.gov.au/AgCensus

Participation by farmers is critical

Each farm is different and hearing each farmer’s story will help paint a clearer picture of agriculture in Australia.

This picture provides insights on the role of agriculture, and its contribution to life in Australia.

The Agricultural Census helps farmers and communities

Statistics from the Agricultural Census help farmers, communities and the agriculture industry:

  • understand the importance of agricultural production and its impact on economies and communities
  • recover from natural disasters by understanding the role of agriculture in impacted communities
  • benefit from investment to improve profitability, competitiveness and sustainability, informed by changes in agricultural production and value
  • access improved infrastructure and services, informed by agricultural activity in our regions.

Easier to complete

We value your time. After listening to feedback from farmers, we’ve made changes to the Agricultural Census. It’s simpler to complete and farmers can choose to respond online or with a paper form.

New data available in 2022

Information from the 2020-21 Agricultural Census will be on the ABS website from mid-2022. For further details on the planned release, go to 2020-21 Agricultural Census Topics and Data Release Plan.

Other ABS agriculture statistics are available here.