Preparing a submission

Information about the submission process for the review of ANZSCO.

Organisations and individuals can express their views on what changes should be made to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO), through the ABS Consultation Hub.  

The submission will require basic contact details about you and your organisation as well as evidence to support your suggested changes. The information provided in submissions will be assessed across a set of criteria, though responses do not need to cover all criteria.

Where relevant, we encourage you to work with organisations with similar suggestions to put in a joint submission. There is a question on the form to acknowledge the contribution of other organisations to the submission.

How to complete a submission

  1. Go to the ABS Consultation Hub.
  2. Choose the 'ANZSCO comprehensive review - consultation round 2'.
  3. Read the information on the Overview page. A Microsoft Word version of the submission questions is available in the Submission Guide at the bottom of the Overview page to use for information and drafting prior to making a submission.
  4. To access the online submission form click on ‘ANZSCO Comprehensive Review Round 2 online survey’.
  5. Complete your contact details and choose the ‘occupation focus area’ of your submission.
  6. Open the link to the list of occupations grouped by focus area for information and context. 
  7. Decisions relating to the classification will be made based on responses to the ANZSCO assessment criteria. To ensure your suggested changes are carefully considered it is recommended that you take into account the criteria when providing reasons to support your suggestions or changes.
  8. Before submitting your response, use the ‘First’ button to review all your answers. Once you have pressed ‘Submit Response’ you will not be able to make changes.
  9. Press 'Submit Response' button and receive confirmation of your submission and a PDF copy of your submission by email.
  10. If your organisation requires you to make your submission on letterhead or with your leader’s endorsement, you can email additional supporting documentation with your submission receipt number to

Using the online submission form

Completing survey questions

While there are some required questions that need to be answered to progress through the form it is not a requirement to answer all assessment criteria questions. Your submission, however, will be strengthened by your ability to answer as thoroughly as possible and by providing supporting evidence.

Collection of personal information

Contact details are required. When completing your submission, we will collect the following personal information:

  • First name and last name
  • Organisation (if applicable)
  • Email address
  • Phone number (optional)
  • State (optional)
  • Responses to consultation questions

The ANZSCO collection notice provides further information on the collection and use of your personal information during the consultation process.

Consulting on occupations grouped by focus area

The consultation process is an opportunity for users of the classification to provide feedback on occupations that fall within the selected focus areas for each round of consultation.

Each round, a list of the occupations grouped by focus area will be available with links to descriptions, skill level and classification structure.

Feedback will be sought on the accuracy of current occupation skill levels and descriptions, and any occupations anticipated to emerge or decline in the next 5 to 10 years. 

Provision of supporting documentation

File attachments cannot be submitted via the ABS Consultation Hub.

However, once you have finalised your submission you will receive a notification receipt via email.  

If you would like to provide any additional attachments to support your submission you can do so by emailing along with the receipt number for your submission.

Please note there is a 5MB file limit.

Completing multiple submissions

Our system cannot facilitate a single submission for multiple focus areas – you will need to complete a new submission for each focus area for which you would like to provide feedback. You will find a link back to the ABS Consultation Hub at the end of your submission.

Providing a submission on behalf of others

We encourage you to connect with other organisations to provide a consolidated submission to strengthen your evidence base. One quality submission with a strong case for suggested changes will be considered more highly than several submissions with limited information on how, or why the change is required.

The organisations you have collaborated with can be listed in the ‘other information’ section at question 15.

Each consultation round a ‘Submission Guide’ is attached on the ABS Consultation Hub with a word version of the submission questionnaire that can be sent to multiple people. To collate a single submission, responses received from contributors can be copied into the online response boxes.

Alternatively, each contributor can be provided with a unique URL link that is emailed to a respondent when selecting the ‘Save and come back later’ option. This unique link can be shared so that others can access the partially completed submission and add additional information to the response. Please note, this option will allow responses already completed to be overwritten.

Response length

There are no word limits on your responses. Please keep responses concise but comprehensive enough to address the criterion.

Copy of submission

On completion of your submission, you will be emailed a PDF copy of your submission.

Submission changes

Selecting ‘First’ at the bottom of the page will direct you to the first page of your submission. This allows you to progress through the form and review your saved responses before finalising your submission.

There is no way to access or edit your submission once it has been submitted. However, you can send an email regarding your changes to before the consultation end date.

Extension requests

Submissions will not be able to be provided via the ABS Consultation Hub once the consultation period has closed.

However, the ABS will still accept submissions after the consultation close date via email at but cannot guarantee the inclusion of any suggested changes as part of the comprehensive review.

Any changes that are unable to be reviewed across 2023 and 2024, will be prioritised and addressed through subsequent incremental, targeted updates as part of the ongoing ANZSCO maintenance model from 2025.

Submission Feedback

You will not receive individual feedback on your submission. However, following each consultation round, participants will be kept informed of how stakeholder input is influencing changes to the classification.

A consultation summary and list of proposed changes from the first and second round of consultation will be released on the ABS Consultation Hub for information.

A final consultation round in 2024 will allow users opportunity to provide feedback on the complete set of proposed changes prior to finalising the classification update for release by December 2024.

Authorisation to use content from submissions

Information provided in the submissions will be used for reporting purposes related to the consultation and for development of changes to ANZSCO. However, no reference to individual people who have been involved in lodging the submission will be made. If your submission identifies or names an organisation or individual other than yourself, please consider obtaining their consent prior to completing your submission.


For information on confidentiality of submissions and personal information please read Privacy - Australian Bureau of Statistics - Consultation Hub.

Access the ANZSCO Collection Notice for information on the collection and use of personal information as part of the public consultation phase of the ANZSCO comprehensive review process.

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