Updating ANZSCO – Comprehensive Review And Update Collection Notice

The ABS is undertaking a comprehensive review of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) to reflect the contemporary labour market and better meet stakeholders’ needs. The updated classification will be released by December 2024, in time for use by Census 2026.

While ANZSCO has previously had some minor updates, it largely describes the original 2006 version, which was based on the 2001 labour market.

Public consultation rounds will be held across 2023 and 2024 with each round targeting selected occupations grouped by focus area. A final consultation round in 2024 will allow users an opportunity to provide feedback on the complete set of proposed changes prior to the ABS finalising the classification update for release by December 2024.

This Collection Notice explains the collection and use of personal information as part of the public consultation phases for the Updating ANZSCO comprehensive review and update.

Who is collecting your personal information?

Your personal information is being collected by the ABS and ABS’s technology service provider for the consultation, Delib.

The ABS Privacy Policy for Managing and Operating Our Business provides details about how we (the ABS) manage and protect your personal information. 

How is your personal information collected?

As part of making a submission, you will be providing your personal information to the ABS through our Consultation Hub. If we receive formal submissions via email the ABS will also enter these into the Consultation Hub. The Privacy Notice for the Consultation Hub explains how we use Delib and its technology (Citizen Space). We (the ABS) manage the website and Delib provides the technology behind this service and its operation. Delib’s Privacy Notice explains how Delib will collect, safeguard, and process your data on behalf of the ABS.

What personal information is collected?

For the Updating ANZSCO Comprehensive review consultation, the ABS will collect and hold the following personal information that you provide: 

  • First name and last name
  • Organisation (if applicable)
  • Email address
  • Phone number (optional)
  • State (optional)
  • Responses to consultation questions

How will your personal information be used?

The ABS will use your submission to inform proposed changes to ANZSCO.

Your submission will not be published. We will publish summaries of all the submissions and any proposed changes to be considered.

Your deidentified submission may be shared with related stakeholder groups if there is a legitimate reason to do so.

We may also use your name, organisation and email address to contact you if we have follow-up questions in relation to your submission. If you consent to receiving email updates regarding the Updating ANZSCO process, we will also use the email address you provided to send these updates to you.

How will your personal information be managed?

We comply with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Archives Act 1983 in the storage, use and destruction of your personal information collected.

When personal information is collected as part of the Updating ANZSCO consultation, it is stored in secure data centres in Australia.

The hosting provider for Delib (AWS) meets all Australian Government privacy and data storage requirements. The ABS will also extract a copy of your submission from the Consultation Hub shortly after you make your submission and store this in the secure ABS environment.

Where your submission is not processed within the current comprehensive review (Dec 2024), it may be deferred to the next update cycle under the ongoing maintenance strategy (5 year cycle ending December 2029). Your information will be deleted from Delib data stores no later than the end of the current review cycle. We will retain your submission in the secure ABS environment for the life of that next update cycle until the review process is finalised. Your full submission, including name, organisation and email address, will be stored in this environment no later than 2029. We will then remove your personal information and store a de-identified version of your submission for record keeping purposes.

The ABS Privacy Policy for Managing and Operating Our Business provides details about how we (the ABS) manage and protect your personal information stored in ABS systems.

Who will your personal information be shared with? Does anyone else have access to your personal information?

As the technology service provider, Delib will only access your personal information when requested to do so by the ABS, and only for the purposes of assisting with the administration of the site.

Where you have consented to email updates, your name, organisation and email address will be stored in the secure ABS environment, for the purpose of sending you Updating ANZSCO consultation updates.

Except for Delib in their data processing role, the ABS will not:

  • share information in a way that would identify you or your organisation(s) without your consent
  • share information with private organisations, such as direct marketing companies
  • share information with other government agencies for compliance or regulation activities.

If you have identified that you are providing a submission on behalf of an organisation, the ABS may share the information in your submission to an alternative contact within your organisation if there is a legitimate reason to do so. 

The ABS Privacy Policy for Managing and Operating Our Business provides more information about how we handle your personal information.

How to access and correct your personal information

Contact the ABS Privacy Officer using the details provided below if you need to access or correct your personal information. If the information you provided in your submission changes, you can contact the ABS on 1800 482 517.

How to update your submission

A submission cannot be edited in the Consultation Hub once it has been submitted. If the consultation is still open, you can provide a new submission. Please contact updating.anzsco@abs.gov.au to request removal of your original submission.

You can revoke your consent to receive email updates by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the email update or emailing updating.anzsco@abs.gov.au.

Privacy complaints

The ABS Privacy Policy for Managing and Operating Our Business has information about how you can make a complaint if you feel we have not adequately protected your privacy. The Policy describes how we will respond to your complaint, and what you can do if you are not satisfied with our response.

You can contact the ABS Privacy Officer (details below) who will respond to enquiries or assist with complaints.

ABS Privacy Officer contact details

By email: privacy@abs.gov.au

By post: ABS Privacy Officer
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Locked Bag 10, Belconnen ACT 2617

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