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TableBuilder is an online self-help tool which enables users to create tables, graphs and maps of Census data

TableBuilder is an online self-help tool designed for users who have a knowledge of Census concepts and some experience using Census data.
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What's new in TableBuilder
There are some exciting changes to Census TableBuilder. Your account has been automatically upgraded to access the new features. The changes include an improved look and feel, as well as the introduction of new functions such as searching, wafers and navigating hierarchies. For more details, see the What's new in TableBuilder page. There is also a new TableBuilder User Guide available including new video TableBuilder tutorials.

Please note:
TableBuilder is accessed via your web browser. The following browsers and versions are compatible with the latest version of TableBuilder: Internet Explorer version 11, Chrome 52, Firefox 47.0 and Safari 8.02. You may need to upgrade your browser to access all TableBuilder functionality.

Also, the new version of Census TableBuilder will no longer offer the "Map to Group" interactive map function for creating custom geographic areas. Instead, users will be able to group geographic areas, such as a cluster of suburbs, through the "Custom Data" tool and then use this custom area when creating a table. Users are also able to export and edit their custom geographic areas before uploading them back to TableBuilder.

For TableBuilder help desk and further support, see About TableBuilder.

TableBuilder allows users the freedom to construct basic to complex tables of data. You can build tables for all geographic areas as defined in the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) webpage, except Mesh Blocks.

For the 2011 Census, there are two versions of TableBuilder.

To register for TableBuilder see How to Apply.

TableBuilder Pro is a charged product designed for advanced Census data users who want the freedom to create large and/or complex tables. TableBuilder Pro provides access to nearly all variables available in the Census data, supporting a large variety of cross-classified tables.

TableBuilder Basic is a free product designed for clients who have some experience using Census data and who want to construct basic data tables. TableBuilder Basic provides access to most Census data in a range of topic-based data cubes that include classifications such as age, education, housing, income, transport, religion, ethnicity and occupation.

TableBuilder Guest allows users to access TableBuilder Basic without registering as a TableBuilder user. Please note, users of TableBuilder Guest won't be able to save tables.

Archived content. See ABS Website for latest information and statistics