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1991 Census
reference & information

A range of 1991 Census reference information and documentation is available

Census of Population and Housing, 1991

The Census of Population and Housing, 1991 (cat. no. 2101) includes downloadable PDF files of publications relating to the 1991 Census. These have been scanned and are searchable once you have downloaded them. The original ABS catalogue number for each publication can be found in the Explanatory Notes. These publications include:
  • Australia in Profile – a comprehensive rreport from the 1991 Census presenting key findings related to a range of social issues in the form of commentary, tables and graphs.
  • The 1991 Census Dictionary (including a sample Census Household Form)
  • Census characteristics
  • Census counts
  • Content and procedures
  • Geographic areas.

Guide to Products and Services

1991 Census – Guide to Products and Service (cat. no. 2910.0), later renamed the Directory of Census Statistics, contains a summary of the broad range of publications, electronic products, maps and consultancy services that were available from the 1991 Census and proposed to be available from the 1996 Census. These products and services were progressively released between 1992 and 1994 as the detailed data became available. For more information and access to data, visit the Historical data page.

1991 Census Working Papers

These working papers include information about background and procedures of the 1991 Census and the quality of 1991 Census data.

Census Working Paper 96/1 - Income (cat. no. 2954.0)
Census Working Paper 95/1 - Housing (cat. no. 2956.0)
Census Working Paper 94/3 - Disability (cat. no. 2957.0)
Census Working Paper 94/2 - Education (cat. no. 2958.0)
Census Working Paper 94/1 - Labour Force Status (cat. no. 2959.0)
Census Working Paper 93/6 - Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Counts (cat. no. 2965.0)
Census Working Paper 93/5 - Public Communications (John Paice) (cat. no. 2964.0)
Census Working Paper 93/4 - Comparison of Census and PES Responses (cat. no. 2963.0)
Census Working Paper 93/3 - Posted-in Forms (cat. no. 2962.0)
Census Working Paper 93/2 - Self-coding (cat. no. 2961.0)
Census Working Paper 93/1 - Sequencing Instructions (cat. no. 2960.0)

Historical reference & information

Archived content. See ABS Website for latest information and statistics