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Access historical Census data and products

In each Census, the ABS collects a vast amount of data about our nation. We then develop a range of products to assist you in accessing and interpreting Census information.

For a complete list of Census publications by catalogue number (1996 to the present), go to Statistics by catalogue number:

1996 to 2011 Census data

To access Census data from the 2011, 2006, 2001 and 1996 Censuses in a variety of formats, select the Census year below.

Earlier Censuses

Some limited data from the 1911 to 1991 Censuses are available free of charge online. This includes previous publications which have been digitised. To access these publications, go to Statistics by Catalogue Number:
21. Historical Censuses (Pre 1996).

Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) has been produced after every Census since the 1986 Census. These past releases of SEIFA and associated documentation are available online from the SEIFA Past releases page.

Data from the Censuses of Australian States in 1901 is available in A Snapshot of Australia, 1901. This publication compares the 1901 data with generally comparable data from the 2001 Census for population counts and some personal and demographic characteristics. Due to different methodologies and question content, data from the 1901 and 2001 Censuses are not directly comparable.

Historical data

2011 Census

2006 Census

2001 Census

1996 Census

1911–1991 Censuses

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