Mineral and Petroleum Exploration, Australia

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Quarterly statistics on mineral and petroleum exploration expenditure by private organisations in Australia

Reference period
September 2022

Key statistics

  • Mineral exploration expenditure fell by 1.5%
  • Petroleum exploration expenditure fell by 5.5%
  Sep Qtr 22Jun Qtr 22 to Sep Qtr 22Sep Qtr 21 to Sep Qtr 22
  $m% change% change
Seasonally adjusted   
 Mineral Exploration Expenditure1,015-1.58.7
 Petroleum Exploration Expenditure230-5.5-22.8
 Mineral Exploration Expenditure1,0312.012.1
 Petroleum Exploration Expenditure231-11.0-21.8

Release notes

Trend series reinstated in September quarter 2022

Review of trend suspension

In early 2020 the ABS suspended the trend series, in addition to adopting forward factors to produce seasonally adjusted series. The trend estimate indicates the medium to long-term direction of a time series. To estimate the trend, the effects of significant events like disruptions associated with COVID-19 are assigned to either the trend or irregular components of a time series. The rationale for suspending trend series was that it was unknown whether the impacts from COVID-19 would be short or medium to long-term, and therefore there was high probability of needing to significantly revise initial assessments of the impacts of COVID-19 on the trend.

The trend series for Mineral and Petroleum Exploration has been reviewed and reinstated.

Over the last two years, the impacts of COVID-19 on Mineral and Petroleum Exploration series have not caused multiple abrupt changes in the series level in short succession, and so it is appropriate to describe a trend level through the past two years. As a result, Mineral and Petroleum Exploration will also be publishing a trend over the previous two years for relevant series.

Mineral exploration

Total expenditure, seasonally adjusted and trend

  • Seasonally adjusted fall of 1.5% ($15.3m) to $1,015.1m

  • Trend rise of 2.0% ($20.6m) to $1,030.5m

Mineral exploration, by deposit type, original series

  • Rise of 2.6% ($27.6m) to $1,084.9m 
  • New deposits rose 9.7% ($30.5m) to $344.9m
  • Existing deposits fell 0.4% ($2.9m) to $740.0m

Mineral exploration, by mineral type, original series

  • Other Minerals recorded the largest rise (up 36.6%, $37.7m) to $140.7m
  • Gold recorded the largest fall (down 9.3%, $39.4m) to $382.3m

(a) All Other Minerals contains Mineral Sands, Uranium, Diamonds and Other Minerals

Metres drilled, seasonally adjusted and trend

  • Seasonally adjusted fall of 3.7% (108.6km) to 2,828.9km
  • Trend fall of 2.9% (86.1km) to 2,856.3km

Metres drilled, original series

  • Fall of 1.7% (52.9km) to 3,048.9km
  • Existing deposits fell 5.9% (131.0km) to 2,101.7km
  • New deposits rose 9.0% (78.0km) to 947.1km

Petroleum exploration

Total expenditure, seasonally adjusted and trend

  • Seasonally adjusted fall of 5.5% ($13.3m) to $230.4m
  • Trend fall of 11.0% ($28.5m) to $231.4m

Onshore, seasonally adjusted and trend

  • Seasonally adjusted rise of 10.5% ($14.9m) to $157.2m
  • Trend fall of 4.2% ($6.4m) to $146.8

Offshore, seasonally adjusted and trend

  • Seasonally adjusted fall of 27.8% ($28.2m) to $73.2m
  • Trend fall of 19.6% ($20.9m) to $85.8m


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Mineral Exploration - Quarterly mineral exploration expenditure and metres drilled

Petroleum Exploration - Quarterly petroleum expenditure

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