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Labour Statistics: Concepts, Sources and Methods
Reference period


ABNAustralian Business Number
ABRAustralian Business Register
ABSAustralian Bureau of Statistics
ABSBRABS Business Register
ABSEUMABS Economic Units Model
ACAuto Coding
ANZAustralia and New Zealand Banking Group
ANZSCOAustralian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations
ANZSICAustralian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification
ARAAny Responsible Adult
ASCEDAustralian Standard Classification of Education
ASCLAustralian Standard Classification of Languages
ASCOAustralian Standard Classification of Occupations
ASGCAustralian Standard Geographical Classification
ASGSAustralian Statistical Geography Standard
ASICAustralian Standard Industrial Classification
ASNAAustralian System of National Accounts
ATOAustralian Taxation Office
AWCEAverage Weekly Cash Earnings
AWEAverage Weekly Earnings
AWOTEAverage Weekly Ordinary Time Earnings


BASBusiness Activity Statement
BFUBase Frame Unit
BLADEBusiness Longitudinal Analysis Data Environment


CACComputer Assisted Coding
CAIComputer Assisted Interviewing
CAPIComputer Assisted Personal Interviewing
CATIComputer Assisted Telephone Interviewing
CAWIComputer Assisted Web Interviewing
CCLIClassification and Classified List of Industries
CCLOClassification and Classified List of Occupations
CDEPCommunity Development Employment Projects
CDPCommunity Development Programme
CECompletely Enumerated
CESCommonwealth Employment Service
CIConfidence Interval
COECharacteristics of Employment Survey
CORMSCharacteristics of Recent Migrants Survey
CURFConfidentialised Unit Record File


EASEconomic Activity Survey
EEBTUMEmployee Earnings, Benefits and Trade Union Membership Survey
EEHEmployee Earnings and Hours Survey
EGEnterprise Group
ERPEstimated Resident Population


FBTFringe Benefits Tax
FOESForms of Employment Survey
FSUFinal Sampling Units


GCCSAGreater Capital City Statistical Area
GDPGross Domestic Product
GFSGovernment Finance Statistics
GMIGross Mixed Income
GNAFGeocoded National Address File
GSSGeneral Social Survey


HESHousehold Expenditure Survey
HILDAHousehold Income and Labour Dynamics Australia


ICIndigenous Communities
ICFIndigenous Community Framework
ICLSInternational Conference of Labour Statisticians
ICPSUIndigenous Community Primary Sampling Units
ICSEInternational Conference of Status in Employment
ILCInternational Labour Conference
ILOInternational Labour Organization
IMFInternational Monetary Fund
IOPCInput-Output Product Classification
ISICInternational Standard Industrial Classification
IVAIndustry Value Added
IVIInternet Vacancy Index (Department of Employment)


JPDAJoint Petroleum Development Area
JSEJob Search Experience Survey
JVSJob Vacancies Survey


KILMKey Indicators of the Labour Market


LELegal Entity
LEEDLinked Employer-Employee Database
LFSLabour Force Survey
LFSSLabour Force Supplementary Surveys
LGALocal Government Area
LMLabour Mobility
LPILabour Price Index


MBMesh Blocks
MFPMulti-Factor Productivity
MLCSurvey of Major Labour Costs
MPHSMultipurpose Household Survey
MPSMonthly Population Survey


NDSNational Data Set
NILFNot In the Labour Force
NOMNet Overseas Migration
NPINot-Profit Institutions


OADOverseas Arrivals and Departures
OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OH&SOccupational Health and Safety
OMIEOwner Managers of Incorporated Enterprises
OMUEOwner Managers of Unincorporated Enterprises


PDPrivate Dwelling
PaETSPregnancy and Employment Transitions Survey
PJSMParticipation, Job Search and Mobility Survey
PITPersonal Income Tax
PNILFPersons Not In the Labour Force Survey
PPLPaid Parental Leave
PSFPopulation Survey Framework
PURPlace of Usual Residence


Q&WQualifications and Work
QBISQuarterly Business Indicators Survey


RARemoteness Area
RADLRemote Access Data Laboratory
RBAReserve Bank of Australia
RJCPRemote Jobs and Community Program
R&RIRetirement and Retirement Intentions Survey
RSERelative Standard Error


SAStatistical Areas
SACCStandard Australian Classification of Countries
SDSpecial Dwelling
SDACSurvey of Disability, Ageing and Carers
SEStandard Error
SEARSSurvey of Employment Arrangements, Retirement and Superannuation
SEASSurvey of Employment Arrangements and Superannuation
SEASABSSEASonal analysis, ABS standards
SEESurvey of Employment and Earnings
SESCAStandard Economic Sector Classification of Australia
SEWSurvey of Education and Work
SGCSuperannuation Guarantee Charge
SIHSurvey of Income and Housing
SISCAStandard Institutional Sector Classification of Australia
SIHSurvey of Income and Housing
SNASystem of National Accounts
SoSSection of State
SRASelf-Representing Area
SSSSpecial Social Surveys
STEPStructured Training and Employment Project
SUPCSupply Use Product Classification


TAUType of Activity Unit
TOBEType of Business Entity
TOLOType of Legal Organisation
TOOCSType of Occurrence Classification System


UCLUrban Centre and Locality
UEWUnderemployed Workers Survey
URUsual Resident


VETVocational Education Training


WPIWage Price Index
WRIWork-Related Injuries Survey
WTAWorking Time Arrangements Survey
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