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Recorded Crime - Victims

National statistics about victims of a range of personal, household and family and domestic violence offences as recorded by police.

Reference period 2020

General Social Survey: Summary Results, Australia

Provides data on the social characteristics, wellbeing and social experiences of people in Australia

Reference period 2020

Methodological News

Methodological News features articles and developments relating to work done within the Methodology division.

Reference period June 2021

Engineering Construction Activity, Australia

Provides estimates of value of engineering construction work done, commenced and yet to be done

Reference period March 2021
| Final release

Motor Vehicle Census, Australia

Statistics relating to vehicles which were registered on 31st January 2021 with a motor vehicle registration authority

Reference period 31 Jan 2021

International Trade in Goods and Services, Australia

Statistics about international trade in goods and services, on a balance of payments and international trade basis

Reference period May 2021

Job Vacancies, Australia

Results of the quarterly Job Vacancies Survey containing estimates of job vacancies classified by industry, sector and state/territory.

Reference period May 2021

Lending Indicators

New borrower-accepted finance commitments for housing, personal and business loans

Reference period May 2021

Building Approvals, Australia

Provides the number of dwelling units and value of buildings approved

Reference period May 2021

Retail Trade, Australia

Monthly and quarterly estimates of turnover and volumes for retail businesses. Includes store and online sales by Australian retail businesses.

Reference period May 2021

Weekly Payroll Jobs and Wages in Australia

Payroll jobs and wages estimates, sourced from Single Touch Payroll (STP) data

Reference period Week ending 19 June 2021
| Updated information

Microdata: Participation, Job Search and Mobility

New in TableBuilder: Participation Job Search and Mobility, 2015-2021

Reference period Australia

Participation, Job Search and Mobility, Australia

Statistics about people looking for work, finding work, changing jobs, or their reasons for not working

Reference period February 2021

Overseas Arrivals and Departures, Australia

Statistics on international travel, including tourism trips, arriving in and departing from Australia.

Reference period May 2021

Building Activity, Australia

Provides estimates of value of building work and number of dwellings commenced, completed, under construction and in the pipeline

Reference period March 2021

Overseas Travel Statistics, Provisional

Provisional statistics on international travel based on initial border crossings, arriving in and departing from Australia, including tourism trips

Reference period June 2021

Labour Force, Australia

Headline estimates of employment, unemployment, underemployment, participation and hours worked from the monthly Labour Force Survey

Reference period June 2021

Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS): Volume 1 - Main Structure and Greater Capital City Statistical Areas

This is the first release of Edition 3 of the ASGS and includes the Main Structure of the ASGS

Reference period July 2021

Retail Trade, Australia, Preliminary

Contains preliminary monthly aggregate estimates of retail turnover in Australia.

Reference period June 2021

International Merchandise Trade, Preliminary, Australia

Contains preliminary estimates of international merchandise trade, includes breakdowns of imports, exports, source and destination countries

Reference period June 2021