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Prisoners in Australia

Contains annual national information on prisoners in custody at 30 June, including demographic information, imprisonment rates, most serious offenc

Reference period Prisoners in Australia, 2021

Weekly Payroll Jobs and Wages in Australia

Payroll jobs and wages estimates, sourced from Single Touch Payroll (STP) data

Reference period Week ending 13 November 2021

Australian National Accounts: Tourism Satellite Account

Estimates of tourism s direct contribution to the economy including GDP, value added, employment and consumption by product and industry.

Reference period 2020-21 financial year

Methodological News

Features important work and developments in ABS methodologies

Reference period December 2021

Microdata: Smoker Status, Australia

Presents pooled data about smoking from multiple household surveys including the National Health Survey

Reference period 2020-21 financial year


Contains key statistics and information about smoking trends and its prevalence within Australia, including state and territory findings.

Reference period 2020-21 financial year

Estimates of Industry Multifactor Productivity

Updates estimates of industry multifactor productivity (MFP) and experimental State productivity.

Reference period 2020-21 financial year

Characteristics of Employment, Australia

Weekly earnings of full-time and part-time employees, working arrangements, fixed-term/independent contracts, labour hire and trade union membershi

Reference period August 2021
| Updated information

Microdata: Characteristics of Employment

New in TableBuilder: Characteristics of Employment, 2014-2021

Reference period Australia

Employee earnings

Weekly earnings of employees classified by socio-demographic and employment characteristics, such as full-time/part time status, age, education

Reference period August 2021

Overseas Arrivals and Departures, Australia

Statistics on international travel, including tourism trips, arriving in and departing from Australia.

Reference period October 2021

Working arrangements

Working arrangements and forms of employment, such as casual work, fixed-term, independent contractors, shift work, job flexibility and job securit

Reference period August 2021

Labour Force, Australia

Headline estimates of employment, unemployment, underemployment, participation and hours worked from the monthly Labour Force Survey

Reference period November 2021

Australian National Accounts: Finance and Wealth

Contains quarterly data on national, sectoral and subsectoral financial accounts, balance sheets and capital accounts.

Reference period September 2021
| Updated information

Counts of Australian Businesses, including Entries and Exits

This release presents additional data to that previously released in Counts of Austraian Businesses, including entries and exits 2017-2021 (ABS Cat

Reference period July 2017 - June 2021

National, state and territory population

Statistics about the population and components of change (births, deaths, migration) for Australia and its states and territories

Reference period June 2021

Personal Income in Australia

Presents annual data on the number of income earners, amounts received, distribution of income and regional estimates.

Reference period 2014-15 to 2018-19

Annual weight update of the CPI and Living Cost Indexes

This information paper details the 2021 weight update for the Consumer Price Index and Selected Living Cost Indexes.

Reference period 2021
| First release

Overseas Migration

Statistics on Australia's international migration with information on immigration to Australia and emigration from Australia.

Reference period 2020-21 financial year

Tourism Satellite Accounts: quarterly tourism labour statistics, Australia, experimental estimates

Experimental estimates of quarterly tourism employment and jobs to measure the impacts of COVID-19 on tourism activity.

Reference period September 2021