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Purpose of the survey

The Survey of International Investment (SII) is a quarterly survey which collects information about investment activity into and out of Australia. The SII measures: 

  • the levels (stock) of foreign financial assets and foreign liabilities of residents
  • financial transactions (investment flows) resulting in increases and decreases in the levels of these assets and liabilities
  • other changes in the levels of these assets and liabilities
  • income accrued on these assets and liabilities.

Collectively, these aspects are referred to as international investment activity. The results from this survey are published quarterly in Balance of Payments and International Investment Position, Australia. International Investment Position statistics are drawn upon by a wide variety of individuals and organisations in both the public and private sector, with major users including:

  • The ABS' National Accounts
  • Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Commonwealth Department of Treasury and the State Treasuries
  • State and Commonwealth Government departments and agencies- Industry organisations and associations
  • Schools, universities and other educational institutions
  • Market analysts and economists
  • Media.

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For common questions about participation in ABS business surveys, please see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

For help using the online survey tool (eSurvey) please see eSurvey - Help.

For questions regarding the completion of specific questions refer to the Explanatory notes to accompany International Investment Survey forms.

The ABS is grateful for the cooperation of businesses in returning their completed forms promptly to enable early processing and production of high quality statistics. We look forward to your continued support.

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