Survey of Foreign Currency Exposure Explanatory notes to accompany Form 1FCE

This page is designed to assist providers in the completion of the Survey of Foreign Currency Exposure – Form 1FCE. This survey collects information on foreign currency denominated financial assets and liabilities and future estimated/forecasted foreign currency denominated receipts and payments. It details the extent to which they are hedged and the hedging policy used.

This survey is used in the compilation of aggregated data on Australian resident enterprises’ foreign currency exposure and the risk management practices associated with that exposure.

The Survey of Foreign Currency Exposure was previously conducted in March 2017 and published as Foreign Currency Exposure, Australia, March Quarter 2017.

Queries regarding the Survey of Foreign Currency Exposure may be directed to the following number: 1800 206 696

Explanatory notes

1. Reporting arrangements

2. General notes on questions

3. Notes on Parts A, B, C, D

4. Notes on Part E

5. Notes on Part F

6. Notes on Part G

7. Notes on Part H

8. Notes of Part I

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