Engineering Construction Activity, Australia methodology

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Reference period
June 2022


The Engineering Construction Survey aims to measure the value of all engineering construction work undertaken in Australia, and provides estimates by state, commodity and sector (public and private). It does not include construction of buildings i.e. houses, offices etc. 

The main output from the survey is the value of work done, which is available at the State and Territory level by the type of construction. Projects are classified as private sector or public sector according to the expected ownership of the project at the time of completion and are classified to a category of construction without regard to end use. Preliminary estimates of the data are available in Construction Work Done, Australia (cat. no. 8755.0) along with preliminary estimates of building activity data. This data are the major source data used to compile the national accounts estimates for private gross fixed capital formation of dwellings, and other buildings and structures in Australia.

How the data is collected


Collection Method

How the data is processed

Type of construction


Estimation method

Accuracy and quality

Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts

How the data is released

Statistics are released for the March, June, September and December quarters, approximately 13 weeks after the end of the reference period. 

Preliminary building work done estimates are available approximately nine weeks after the end of the reference period in Construction Work Done, Australia (cat. no. 8755.0).



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