Post Enumeration Survey

Media Statement

For the last half century, the ABS has held a Post Enumeration Survey (PES) straight after the Census of Population and Housing and 2016 is no exception. 

The PES involves around 50,000 households which have been selected across Australia as an accurate reflection of the country. 

The PES is crucial in ensuring the ABS’ count is as good as possible, with minimal undercounting or double counting. This means our statistics can be confidently used to distribute government funds and plan services for the community. 

In 2011, the PES identified an additional 374,540 people who weren’t counted in the initial Census. Without the PES, nearly 2 per cent of the population would not have been considered in much-needed government services and funding decisions. 

All personal information collected in the PES is securely stored. Electronic records containing respondents’ personal information are protected in accordance with the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework. 

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