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Contracts finalised for the production and distribution of the 2021 Census paper form

Media Statement

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has appointed two suppliers to print and distribute paper forms and publications for the 2021 Census.

Print Media Group will produce the 2021 Census paper forms. These will be delivered in areas where we do not have accurate addresses, there is unreliable internet access or where we consider people are more likely to complete the Census on a paper form. They will also be available by requesting online or by phone. The estimated value of the contract is $9.4 million including GST.

National Mailing and Marketing will supply the bulk logistic services for the 2021 Census. These services include warehousing fulfilment, freight and return of materials. Logistical services play an important role in distributing materials to every location in Australia. The estimated value of the contract is $4.4 million including GST.

Both contracts are on AusTender (www.tenders.gov.au): 

  • Print Media Group - Paper Forms Production for the 2021 Census, Contract Reference ABS2020.005
  • National Mail and Marketing - Bulk Logistical Services for the 2021 Census, Contract Reference ABS2019.200
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