ABS statement in response to media coverage of NSW Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE)

Media Statement

The ABS classifies government entities for inclusion in official statistics. These classifications are made independently, based on standards set out in the International System of National Accounts and Government Finance Statistics manuals.

TAHE met the criteria to be a Public Non-Financial Corporation when it was classified by the ABS in 2015.

Classifications may be reviewed if the ABS becomes aware of a change to structure, operating environment or other circumstances including legislative changes. The ABS is not aware of any changes that would require a review of TAHE.

When new entities are being established, or changes made to them, the State Treasuries inform the ABS of the characteristics of the entities. The NSW Treasury has not advised the ABS of any changes to how TAHE operates as an entity of the NSW Government, nor have we identified any information.

The ABS is committed to transparency in how we classify entities. Further information will be published on our website outlining the classification process for all entities.

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