ABS statement on arrivals and departures data

Media Statement

The ABS publishes data on arrivals and departures to and from Australia, in the monthly Overseas Arrivals and Departures publication, the next of which will be published on 13 July 2021.

The ABS introduced a range of COVID-19 related products from mid-March 2020 as the pandemic escalated, including the monthly Provisional Overseas Travel Statistics publication. This was in addition to the regular monthly publication Overseas Arrivals and Departures.

At the time these new COVID-19 related products were announced, the ABS made it clear they would be subject to periodic review. In April 2021 the Australian Statistician, Dr David Gruen, announced the ABS was making changes to its statistical work program to appropriately measure the Australian economy and society from 1 July 2021. These decisions were made by the ABS - they were not the result of a direction by government.

This included ending the Provisional Overseas Travel Statistics publication. From August 2021, additional information will be included in Overseas Arrivals and Departures to give an early indication on the total numbers of people coming into and leaving the country.

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