ABS Forward Work Program

Media Statement

Australian Statistician David Kalisch said it is standard ABS practice to annually review our statistical program for continued relevance, accuracy and cost effectiveness.

These reviews are done in consultation with key stakeholders and users of the statistics such as government and industry bodies, and the publication of a Forward Work Program document assists with transparently undertaking this process.

No decisions on the ABS' work program for 2017-18 and beyond have yet been taken. Future consultation will consider our broad legislative obligations and options regarding the value, usefulness and frequency of some indicators. For instance, we are interested in stakeholder views on the criticality of existing outputs, including their frequency, and the opportunity to improve our statistical program that better reflects the changing economy, society and environment.

The ABS receives separate funding for the Census; its process and operations are a stand-alone activity within the ABS and are not part of the ABS's wider statistical program.

The ABS, like all government agencies, must operate within our budget.

The Forward Work Program document is available on our website.

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