Three decades of victims data shows homicide down 40%

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The number of victims of homicide recorded by police has decreased by 40 per cent since 1993, according to figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) which brings together 27 years of recorded crime data.

“Accounting for Australia’s population change over this time, the rate halved from about four victims per 100,000 people to two victims per 100,000 people,” said ABS Director of Crime and Justice Statistics, William Milne.

“In contrast, the number of victims of sexual assault recorded has more than doubled over the same period of time, from 12,190 in 1993 to 26,892 victims in 2019. Considering population increases, the rate also increased from about 69 victims to 106 victims per 100,000 people.” 

There were also decreases in some property offences. The number of break-ins fell 55 per cent to 173,344 in 2019, along with motor vehicle theft which decreased 48 per cent to 58,021 in 2019.

However, there was a 16 per cent increase in other theft, including stealing from another person or from retail premises, to 569,404 in 2019.

Further information can be found in Recorded Crime - Victims, Australia, 2019 (cat. no. 4510.0) available for free download from the ABS website:

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  • Homicide refers to the offence category of homicide and related offences which includes murder, attempted murder and manslaughter.
  • A victim for the purposes of this publication is defined by the type of offence committed. This can be a person, premises, an organisation or a motor vehicle.
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