New capital expenditure rises 2.8%

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Private new capital expenditure (capex) rose 2.8 per cent (seasonally adjusted, chain volume measure) in the June quarter 2023 and was 10.8 per cent higher than a year ago, according to figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Robert Ewing, ABS head of new capital expenditure statistics, said the result was driven by businesses investing more in new equipment and machinery (+1.9 per cent) as well as in building and structures (+3.5 per cent).

“Increased investment in equipment and machinery reflects a further easing of supply-chain disruptions, with the availability of vehicles improving significantly during the quarter. Some businesses also brought investment plans forward, ahead of the end of the temporary full expensing tax incentive on 30 June.”

“The increase in investment in buildings and structures was boosted by a number of mining projects for resources such as lithium used in batteries, and the commencement of some previously delayed projects in non-mining industries.”

The construction industry recorded the largest rise in total capex, up 30.5 per cent after large falls in the last two quarters.

“The rebound in capex in the construction industry was driven by small businesses receiving vehicles and construction machinery after extended delivery delays,” Mr Ewing said.  

More detailed industry and state analysis and further information on the statistical methodology is available in New Capital Expenditure (cat no. 5625.0).

Media notes

  • New capital expenditure refers to the acquisition of new tangible assets and includes major improvements, alterations, and additions.

  • All statistical figures in this media release are in seasonally adjusted volume terms.

  • Seasonal adjustment is the process of estimating and removing seasonal effects to allow comparison of data for adjacent months. Volume estimates measure changes in value after the direct effects of price changes have been removed. See methodology for more details.

  • When reporting ABS data you must attribute the Australian Bureau of Statistics (or the ABS) as the source.

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