How to verify ABS official channels

Our websites

The official Australian Bureau of Statistics website is To identify our website, look for our logo in the top left corner which includes our name and the Commonwealth coat of arms.

The official Census website is Ensure you have accurate information about 2021 Census by visiting Get the facts about the Census.

Who to notify if you are unsure

If you come across or are directed to any other websites claiming to be the Australian Bureau of Statistics or Census, please report it to us immediately using the contact us form.

Most Australian Government websites use the ‘’ extension in the address. These websites will never use ‘.org’, ‘.net’ or ‘.com’. Any website claiming to be a government department or agency using these extensions should be treated with caution.

If you receive a suspicious direct message or request on social media from someone claiming to be from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, please get in touch via our social media channels or contact us via our website.

Our social media channels

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has a range of social media accounts. Our official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts are verified with a blue tick badge next to our name.

Our official ABS social media accounts are:

Facebook: @absstats
Twitter: @absstats
Instagram: @absstats
LinkedIn: Australian Bureau of Statistics
Youtube: ABSstatistics

The official Census Facebook account is: @2021CensusAU

Any accounts with similar names claiming to be the Australian Bureau of Statistics or Census are fake and should be reported to us through direct message on the platform immediately.

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