Access lesson guides and worksheets, activity print-outs and sample copies of the 2021 Census paper forms.

Lesson guides

Lesson guides assist educators and teachers to understand how to plan their sessions and activities they can run.

These guides and activities are important to educate others about the Census; what it is and why it's important. The Census helps us learn from the past, understand the present and plan for the future.


Activities will suit students learning English, culturally and linguistically diverse audiences and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students as well as anyone with an interest in the Census. 
There are three themes:

  1. What is the Census?
  2. How the Census helps people
  3. How do I fill in the Census form?


What is the Census?

Understand the basics of the Census.

How the Census helps people

Understand the benefits of the Census.

Learning about the Census

Understand how people complete the Census form.

Census activities for kids

Sample copies of the 2021 Census paper forms

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