Publication changes and Draft Roadmap - Counts of Australian Businesses, Entries and Exits

Information regarding improvements to the CABEE publication (including release schedule) and draft 5 year roadmap.


Publication changes

The annual CABEE publication has previously been published in February, 8 months after the reference period. 

Early in 2021, user feedback was sought on the value of CABEE data and new methods presented in Quarterly Counts of Australian Businesses, Experimental Estimates, 2019 - 2020 to help focus future development of the annual CABEE publication.  A draft CABEE roadmap was established based on this feedback, articulating development priorities over the next 5 years.

In line with the CABEE roadmap, the 2021 CABEE release includes:

  • Improvements to the release schedule (see below);
  • Ongoing release of high level quarterly CABEE experimental data (see Technical Note);
  • More detailed entries and exits split (see Technical Note); and
  • The removal of super funds from CABEE scope (see Technical Note).


Improvements to the CABEE release schedule

Going forward, there will be 2 releases of the annual CABEE data.  The first in August (2 months after the reference period) and a second in December (6 months following the reference period).  

The 24th August 2021 release will contain:

  • Annual CABEE Datacube 1 timeseries tables (excluding turnover ie tables 17 - 20)
  • High level quarterly CABEE experimental data, original basis.

The 16th December 2021 release will contain:

  • Turnover data (Datacube 1 tables 17 - 20)
  • Detailed CABEE tables including industry and geography data (Datacubes 2 - 11),
  • Seasonally adjusted quarterly CABEE experimental data: total businesses, entries and exits
  • Interactive maps

The high level quarterly CABEE experimental data will be published on an ongoing basis within 3 months of the end of the reference period. 


CABEE Roadmap

An infographic that articulates the key priority areas for CABEE development over the next 5 years is available.  If you or someone from your agency would like to provide comment on the CABEE development priorities, please email:

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