Increase in online work-related training



Traditional classroom instruction, including lectures, presentations and seminars, remained the most common method for delivering the most recent work-related training in 2016-17 (68.8%) although this method was less prevalent than in 2013 (74.6%). Online instruction increased from 12.8% of reported training in 2013 to 19.2% in 2016-17.

  1. There were changes in collection methods between the surveys in 2013 and 2016-17. See the Explanatory notes for details.
  2. Participation in the 12 months prior to survey; persons aged 15 to 74 years.
  3. Persons aged 65-74 years permanently not intending to work, and all respondents who were permanently unable to work, were not asked about work-related training and are included as not participating.
  4. Data from 2016-17 has been randomly adjusted to avoid the release of confidential data. Discrepancies may occur between sums of the component items and totals.

 Source(s): Work-Related Training and Adult Learning, Australia, 2013 and 2016-17

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