Census and Data Services Group

Marcel Van Kints

Marcel Van Kints*, Deputy Australian Statistician

Marcel Van Kints is the Deputy Australian Statistician leading the Census and Data Services Group.

The Census and Data Services Group is responsible for collecting the data the ABS uses in its work and disseminating the official statistics, data and insights it produces to inform Australia's important decisions. The Group provides statistical infrastructure to support work of the ABS and leads its work to expand and improve data sharing, data integration and microdata access across government.

Marcel has held various senior positions in the macroeconomic statistics program and has expertise in price statistics. Marcel has complemented his ABS experience with international experience at the United Nations in New York.

Marcel has tertiary qualifications in economics and statistics, and has holds a Masters of Public Administration from the Australian National University. Marcel has authored several conference and academic articles.


Methodology Division

Anders Holmberg

Anders Holmberg, General Manager and Chief Methodologist

Anders Holmberg joined the ABS in September 2019 as the Chief Methodologist.

Anders has a background as a survey methodologist, developing both theory and practice within data collection methodology, survey sampling theory and register based statistical methods.

Immediately prior to joining the ABS, Anders was the Chief Methodologist at Statistics Norway. He was also the Principal Statistician at Statistics New Zealand from 2014 to 2016, where he worked with traditional censuses and administrative data systems.

In 2012-13, Anders was responsible for the management of the Cambodian Socio-Economic Survey, as well as training staff throughout the statistical value chain. He enjoyed a 13 year career at Statistics Sweden (1999-2012), undertaking a variety of roles. Prior to this, he was a lecturer at Örebro University.

He has a PhD in statistics from Uppsala University with the thesis "Essays on Model Assisted Survey Planning".

Kristen Stone

Program Manager
Methodology Transformation Branch

Paul Schubert

Program Manager
Statistical Methodology Branch


Data Strategy, Integration and Services Division

George Holton*, General Manager and Chief Data Officer

Celia Moss

Program Manager
Data Strategy and Services Branch

Adam Harris*

Program Manager
Integrated Data Assets and Solutions Branch

AJ Lanyon

Program Manager
Statistical Infrastructure Branch


Census and Data Acquisition Division

Duncan Young

Duncan Young, General Manager

Duncan Young is the General Manager for the National Data Acquisition Division at the ABS.

As a graduate of computer science and mathematics, Duncan has worked in a wide range of statistical and technology leadership roles over nearly twenty years at the ABS and Statistics New Zealand. Duncan applied his leadership to the 2017 Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey as program manager, helping successfully deliver the survey within 99 days. Duncan was also the program manager of the 2016 Census of Population and Housing, Australia’s largest logistical exercise. Duncan led this project through the challenging technology issues in 2016 to deliver the expected high quality of data on time, and ultimately saving $100m through the transformed approach.

Duncan has delivered technical assistance to the 2009 Vietnam Census, and was part of the UN Statistics Division expert panel for the 2020 round of Censuses. Duncan was also a member of the UK’s Beyond Census 2011 International Review Panel and the International Advisory Panel to the 2014 Myanmar Census. Duncan is currently the ABS’ Executive Sponsor for statistical programs in Indonesia.

Duncan was recognised as the 2011 Australian Government Young ICT Professional of the Year, completed his Masters of Public Administration in 2012 and received the 2013 Young Public Sector Leader Award. He was also presented with the Australian Statistician’s Award in 2016.

David Waymouth

Program Manager
National Data Acquisition Centre

Leanne Harmon

Program Manager
Data Acquisition Taskforce

Mark Harding

Program Manager
Census 2021 Data Operations Branch

Georgia Chapman*

Program Manager
Census 2026 Branch


*Individual is acting, temporary or contractor in this role