Legal services expenditure

Paragraph 11.1 (ba) of the Legal Services Directions 2017 (Issued by the Attorney-General under section 55ZF of the Judiciary Act 1903) requires the Australian Bureau of Statistics to make publicly available records of its legal services expenditure for the previous financial year.

The following table outlines legal services expenditure by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Total (External and Internal) Legal Services Expenditure$420,747$388,825$335,595$474,851$256,659
Total Internal Legal Services Expenditure$0$0$0$0$0
Total External Legal Services Expenditure$420,747$388,825$335,595$474,851$256,659
Total Value of Briefs to Counsel$13,541$18,735$8,831$61,452$0
Total Value of Disbursements (excluding Counsel)$7,838$11,072$963$572$90
Total Value of Professional Fees Paid$399,368$359,018$325,801$412,826$256,569
Total Number of Briefs to Counsel02210
Total Number of Direct Briefs to Counsel02210
Total Number of Indirect Briefs to Counsel00000

For previous years, the records of legal services expenditure are found in the ABS Annual Reports.

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