Time Use Survey, 1992, Basic

The 1992 Time Use Survey CURF consists of unidentified statistical records containing data on 7,056 persons, and 13,937 person-days, from 3,000 households in private dwellings. The data include some information about households, State identifiers for New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland; capital city and rest-of-state identifiers, household, family and income unit types; age, sex, marital status, birthplace, birthplace of parents, labour force details, occupation, student status, educational achievement, details of income and source of income; disability and severe handicap identification; carer status, use of child care; quarter of year, day of week, start and finish time of activity episodes, length of episode, primary, secondary and tertiary activities, location of activity episode, mode of transport and social context; and aggregated average time spent and length of episode for primary activities.

More information about the CURF is provided in the Technical Paper available below. Information in the Technical Paper was correct at time of publication.

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