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Run That Town

Run that Town app, a game based on the 2011 CensusRun That Town is a free game that uses data from the 2011 Census. It lets you take control of any neighbourhood in Australia.

Use real Census data to discover who’s who in your area, and make decisions that will sway popular opinion in your favour. Choose from hundreds of projects for your town - from the practical to the preposterous.

What kind of leader will you be? Will you be treated to a ticker tape parade, or chased out of town by an angry mob?

The game is intended for a wide audience offering both one-time and ongoing users a unique insight into the value of Census data. The game is available on all current Apple devices and can be downloaded from the App Store for free.

Awards for Run That Town

Run That Town has won several awards since its release:
  • Bronze for best use of gaming and Gold for best use of interactive at the 2013 APAC Branded Content and Entertainment Awards.
  • Named the Favourite Website Awards (FWA) Mobile of the Day (12 July, 2013), with over 60,000 downloads and a four star rating.


Using this app, find out what the Australian Census can tell you, about you.Spotlight is an award winning online application that brings Census data to life, making it interesting, fun and interactive.

The latest version, Spotlight 2.0, uses data from the 2011 Census of Population and Housing and turns it into a simple interactive movie, to show just a few of the interesting things that the Census can tell us about Australia's people and population.

The application allows people to dynamically interpret Census data, in a way that relates specifically to them - when they were born, where they live, who they are. Once a player has explored Spotlight 2.0, they can create an infographic - a personalised snapshot of the individual's numbers that can be shared via social media.

Awards for Spotlight

The original Spotlight app proved to be a great success, receiving over 15 national and international awards.

Check out Spotlight 2.0 at http://spotlight.abs.gov.au/