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General social and economic information

Key Economic Indicators
Provides a summary of Australia's key economic and social indicators. The table is updated as soon as the latest data becomes available.

Consumer Price Index
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) provides a general measure of changes in prices of consumer goods and services purchased by Australian households. Consumer Price Index: Concepts, Sources and Methods contains a comprehensive description of what the index measures, the goods and services included in it, where the information on prices comes from, how the index is calculated, and how the statistics can be used.

Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product
A quarterly publication which provides estimates of gross domestic product (GDP) and its components, components of state final demand, the national income account, the national capital account and supporting series.

ABS flagship publications

Australian Social Trends
A quarterly publication that presents statistical analysis and commentary on a wide range of current social issues. Topics covered include population, family and community, health, education and training, work, economic resources, housing, environment and crime and justice.

Measures of Australia's Progress: Summary Indicators
Presents a discussion about whether life in Australia is getting better. Released annually, the publication draws together information relating to Australia's economy, society and environment in order to measure Australia's progress.

Year Book Australia
Provides a comprehensive and detailed statistical overview of various aspects of the economy and social conditions in Australia.