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Business demography

Business demography information provides a relatively broad picture of trends associated with business growth or decline. ABS business demography statistics focus on measuring changes in the counts and characteristics of different types of businesses and changes in the demographics of business operators. While the ABS does not have information to profile a competitor, it is possible to look at competitors within a particular geographic area or in a particular industry.

The Business Demography @ a Glance page provides information on the latest developments in business demography, links to relevant releases and resources to assist in using and interpreting business demography statistics.

ABS business publications

The publications listed below present statistics that are likely to be of particular relevance and interest to small business owners.

Australian Small Business Operators - Findings from the 2005 and 2006 Characteristics of Small Business Surveys (cat. no. 8127.0)
Business Use of Information Technology (cat. no. 8129.0)
Counts of Australian Business, including Entries and Exits (cat. no. 8165.0)
Counts of Australian Business Operators (cat. no. 8175.0)
Innovation in Australian Business (cat. no. 8158.0)
Selected Characteristics of Australian Business (cat. no. 8167.0)
Summary of Information Technology Use and Innovation in Australian Business (cat. no. 8166.0)
International Trade in Goods and Services, Australia (cat. no. 5368.0)
Characteristics of Australian Exporters (cat. no. 5368.0.55.006)
International Merchandise Imports, Australia (cat. no. 5439.0)