Services we provide to small business

Information Consultancy

The ABS Information Consultancy service can provide you with a wide range of ABS data tailored to meet your individual needs. Contact our consultants to find out more about tailored reports containing tables, commentary, graphs and maps highlighting the characteristics of your target market, or customised demographic data for projections and planning purposes.

ABS Training

The ABS Training page outlines a range of training courses and resources that are available should you need any assistance in using or understanding data. The page includes a training calendar, course profiles, registration and contact details for training in each state and a range of online video tutorials.

Understanding Statistics

The Understanding Statistics section on the ABS website contains a range of online resources and materials to help you to understand, interpret and analyse statistical information. The webpages consist of a range of fact sheets, information guides, video tutorials, presentations and online courses.

Redistributing ABS data

The majority of data downloaded free from the ABS website can be now be redistributed under Creative Commons licensing. This allows users to re-use, build upon and distribute ABS data, even commercially, without having to enter into an agreement with the ABS.

For information on licenced distribution of data downloaded free from the ABS website see the details of Creative Commons license Attribution 2.5 Australia and Attributing material sourced from the ABS website.

If you wish to redistribute customised data that you have purchased from the ABS, you may need to enter into a licensing agreement with the ABS. For further information, see How do I become a Licenced Intermediary?


If you can't find what you are looking for, or require further statistical assistance, phone our National Information and Referral Service on 1300 135 070.