Services we provide to small business

This page is designed to assist small business operators with market research, profiling customers and planning a business case. Links are provided to relevant ABS data, training, consultancy services and other useful information.

Knowing your community

Knowing your industry

Understanding the social and economic climate
The ABS has a wide range of data to help you to understand more about your community, including Census data.Find out more about the range of data the ABS has to offer specific to your industry. Information to assist you in understanding factors that may affect your business, such as the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Hints, Tips and Information

ABS small business data

Tailored services for business
Case studies to demonstrate how the ABS can be used for the purpose of business or franchise planning and useful information about the significant role small business plays in the Australian economy.The ABS has a range of publications containing data specifically catering to the needs of small business owners.Find out how the ABS can provide you with assistance, including our information consultancy service and training courses.

Information for survey participants

Keeping up to date

Helpful business links
If you have been selected to participate in an ABS business survey, this section provides information to assist you.Find out how you can keep up to date with the latest ABS releases, including our free email subscription service.These pages provide links to other websites containing data that may assist you in planning or growing your small business