Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL)

RADL will be decommissioned in 2019. Email if you use RADL
and have not been contacted about DataLab onboarding.


Remote Access Data Lab
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The Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL) system, released in 2003, has ageing technology and software that no longer provide users with the expected level of analytical functionality. The ABS has been developing and trialling virtual capability for the DataLab, the replacement for RADL. The DataLab provides users with up to date versions of analytical languages, including SAS, SPSS, Stata and R in flexible, easy to use virtual and on-site environments.

It is expected that RADL will be decommissioned in 2019. Existing users may continue to use RADL. If you use RADL and have not been contacted about DataLab onboarding, please email

New users are no longer being accepted to RADL. See How to apply to access Expanded Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs) in the DataLab or Compare access options to find the right product for you.


RADL is a secure online data query service that approved clients use to access CURF microdata. Users submit queries in SPSS 11.5 or Stata 10 analytical languages against expanded CURFs that are kept within the ABS environment. The results of the queries are automatically checked then made available to the users. The benefit of the CURFs being kept within the ABS environment means that the ABS is able to release more detailed CURFs in RADL than are available in basic CURFs. While RADL provides remote access to microdata, users cannot directly access unit records.

RADL includes a range of automated processes that monitor data queries and withhold requested results where it is judged that the output is at risk of enabling the identification of an individual and/or organisation. RADL also limits the number of unit records that can be seen at one time by a user. System protections in RADL provide additional protection to the already confidentialised data released in the form of an expanded CURF. Auditing of a sample of usage is conducted on an ongoing basis. For further information about the type of restrictions put in place by the ABS, see Rules and Restrictions.


RADL users must:

    • have been approved by ABS to use each CURF in RADL
    • read and comply with the Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL) User Guide
    • read and comply with the Responsible Use of ABS Microdata Guide
    • be able to write programs in one of the analytical languages in RADL (SPSS11.5 and Stata10). The ABS does not provide a code advisory service so familiarity with SPSS or Stata is important.
    • be able to use a zip program (WinZip or equivalent programs).

SAS has been removed from RADL as the licence version that RADL required is no longer available. Users can either use SPSS or Stata in RADL, or apply for access to the DataLab, where a range of analytical languages including SAS are available.


Expanded CURFs are available in RADL. Available Microdata shows which CURFs are available in Basic and Expanded formats, as well as TableBuilder and Detailed Microdata. See How to apply and Microdata prices.