Interviewer Recruitment

The ABS is looking for community minded people to join our team of home based Field Interviewers.

The role of a Field Interviewer suits people who:
  • enjoy having some flexibility in arranging work in a way that fits in with your lifestyle
  • can work independently from home with ongoing support and training opportunities
  • are comfortable asking questions and finding out about a wide variety of topics from health to household income
  • can meet the challenge of persuading people to take part in official government surveys.

The work involves interviewing selected households to collect official statistics. Interviews are conducted over the phone or by visiting households.

You will ask survey questions and record the answers on a notebook computer. Computer skills are required to be able to complete the work.

The ABS has a team of approximately 500 home based Field Interviewers located in all major urban centres in each State and Territory, as well as many rural and smaller urban localities.

Recruitment of Field Interviewers usually occurs once a year, but may be more or less frequent depending on the work program.