2901.0 - Census of Population and Housing: Census Dictionary, 2016  
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This part of the dictionary is designed to help users of Census data gain a better understanding of the variables, classifications and concepts used in the 2016 Census.

For many of the variables detailed in the 2016 Census Classifications section of the dictionary, this Glossary provides additional details on variables, their classifications and in some cases, information on specific categories in a classification.

An important decision in analysing Census data is choosing the most relevant structure and level of Geography. The Glossary includes details on the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS), the ABS statistical geography classification. All ASGS geographic structures, for example, Statistical Area Level 1 or Local Government Area, are defined in the ASGS glossary entry.

Glossary entries are cross-referenced to major related entries. Some entries also reference other ABS publications specific to a subject. In most cases these referenced publications are available from the ABS web site www.abs.gov.au.

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Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander family
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages
Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander origin
Accommodation for the retired or aged (not self-contained)
Accommodation for the retired or aged, self-care
Adopted child
Age (AGEP)
Area (measurement)
Australia (AUS)
Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO)
Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
Australian born
Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset (ACLD)
Australian Citizenship (CITP)
Australian Drainage Divisions (ADD)
Australian residents temporarily overseas
Australian Standard Classification of Cultural and Ethnic Groups (ASCCEG)
Australian Standard Classification of Education (ASCED)
Australian Standard Classification of Languages (ASCL)
Australian Standard Classification of Religious Groups (ASCRG)
Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS)
ASGS ABS structures
ASGS non ABS structures
Average persons per household
BabiesBack to top
Blended family
Boarding school student
Census and Statistics Act
Census counts
Census date
Census Time Capsule
Census products
Child Type (CTPP)
Child Type (including grandchildren) (CTGP)
Christmas Island
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Commonwealth Electoral Division (CED)
Community Development Programme (CDP)
Contributing family worker
Core Activity Need for Assistance (ASSNP)
Count of...
Country of Birth
Country of Birth of Parents (BPPP)
Couple family
Craft in marinas
Data processingBack to top
De facto
De facto population counts
De jure population counts
Dependent child
Dependent student
Derivations and imputations
Destination Zone
Digital boundaries
Discrete Community
Discrete Community and Remote Areas Strategy
Dwelling Internet Connection (NEDD)
Dwelling Location (DLOD)
Dwelling non-response
Dwelling Structure (STRD)
Dwelling Type (DWTD)
Educational Institution: Attendee Status (TYSTAP)Back to top
Educational qualification
Elderly people
Employment status
Employment type (EMTP)
Engagement in Employment, Education and Training (EETP)
Equivalised Total Household Income (weekly) (HIED)
Estimated Resident Population (ERP)
FamilyBack to top
Family Blending (FBLF)
Family Composition (FMCF)
Family Household Composition (HCFMD/HCFMF)
Family/Household Reference Person Indicator (RPIP)
Family Income Derivation Indicator (FIDF)
Family Number (FNOF)
Field of study
Foster child
Full-Time work
Full-Time/Part-Time Student Status (STUP)
Government benefits, pensions and allowancesBack to top
Grandparent Families (FMGF)
Greater Capital City Statistical Areas (GCCSA)
Group household
Highest Year of School Completed (HSCP)Back to top
Home owner/purchaser
Homelessness enumeration
Hours Worked (HRSP)
Household Composition (HHCD)
Household form
Household Income Derivation Indicator (HIDD)
Household mobility
Households with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person(s)
Housing Suitability (HOSD)
ICTBack to top
Improvised home
Imputation variables
Inadequately described
Indigenous Area (IARE)
Indigenous enumeration strategy
Indigenous family
Indigenous Household Indicator (INGDWTD)
Indigenous languages
Indigenous Location (ILOC)
Indigenous Region (IREG)
Indigenous Status (INGP)
Indigenous Structure
Industry of Employment (INDP)
Industry sector
Information consultancy
Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)
Internal migration
Interstate migration
Interviewer Household Form
Introduced random error
Item non-response
Jervis Bay Territory
Labour forceBack to top
Labour Force Status (LFSP)
Labour Force Status and Hours Worked Not Stated (LFHRP)
Labour Force Status of Parents/Partners in Families (LFSF)
Landlord Type (LLDD)
Language Spoken at Home (LANP)
Level of Highest Educational Attainment (HEAP)
Local Government Area (LGA)
Location of dwelling
Location of Spouse (SPLF)
Lone parent
Lone person household
Lord Howe Island
Main language other than English spoken at homeBack to top
Manufactured home estates
Marital status
Married registered
Median income
Mesh Block (MB)
Method of Travel to Work (MTWP)
Mortgage repayments variables (MRED) & (MRERD)
Multiple family households
NameBack to top
Name and address retention
Name of employer
Natural Resource Management Regions (NRMR)
NEC (not elsewhere classified)
Need for assistance
NEI (not elsewhere included)
Negative income
NFD (not further defined)
Nominal child
Non-dependent child
Non-family member
Non-private dwelling
Non-School Qualification: Field of Study (QALFP)
Non-School Qualification: Level of Education (QALLP)
Norfolk Island
Not applicable
Not in the labour force
Not stated
Number of Bedrooms in Private Dwelling (BEDD)
Number of Children Ever Born (TISP)
Number of Employees (EMPP)
Number of Motor Vehicles (VEHD)
Occupation (OCCP)Back to top
Occupied private dwelling
One-parent family
Other family
Other related individual
Other Territories
Overseas born
Overseas visitor
Owner managers
Owner managers of incorporated enterprises
Owner managers of unincorporated enterprises
ParentBack to top
Parent-child relationship
Part-Time work
Personal form
Person non-response
Place of birth
Place of enumeration
Place of Usual Residence (PURP)
Place of Usual Residence One Year Ago (PUR1P)
Place of Usual Residence Five Years Ago (PUR5P)
Place of Work (POWP)
Post Enumeration Survey (PES)
Postal Areas (POA)
Primary family
Private dwelling
Proficiency in Spoken English (ENGP)
Proficiency in Spoken English/Language (ENGLP)
Public/Private Sector (GNGP)
Recodes and user defined fields
Registered Marital Status (MSTP)
Relationship as Reported for Couples (RLCP)
Relationship Between Families (FRLF)
Relationship in Household (RLHP)
Relationship in Household (including grandchildren) (RLGP)
Religious Affiliation (RELP)
Remoteness Area (RA)
Rent (weekly) (RNTD)
Residential Status in a Non-Private Dwelling (RLNP)
Residual categories and supplementary codes
Retirement village (self-contained)
Rooms in occupied private dwelling
SAFDBack to top
Same-sex couple
School leavers
Scope and coverage
Second family
Section of State Range (SOSR)
Section of State (SOS)
Self employed person
Self enumeration
Semi-detached house
Separate house
Sex (SEXP)
Sex of Lone Parent (SLPP)
Shift workers
Significant Urban Areas (SUA)
Single parent
Small area data
Social Marital Status (MDCP)
Sole parent
South Sea Islander
Special Purpose Codes
Standard Australian Classification of Countries (SACC)
State Electoral Division (SED)
State Suburb (SSC)
State Territory (STE)
Statistical Areas Level 1, 2, 3 and 4
Status in Employment (SIEMP)
Step child
Supported Accommodation Flag (SAFD)
Temporarily absentBack to top
Tenure and Landlord Type (TENLLD)
Tenure Type (TEND)
Thematic maps
Torres Strait Islander
Total Family Income as Stated (weekly) (FINASF)
Total Family Income (weekly) (FINF)
Total Household Income as Stated (weekly) (HINASD)
Total Household Income (weekly) (HIND)
Total Personal Income (weekly) (INCP)
Tourism Regions (TR)
Travel to work
Type of Educational Institution Attending (TYPP)
Type of Internet Connection (NEDD)
Type of Non-Private Dwelling (NPDD)
Undercount and/or underenumeration
Unit Record File
Unoccupied private dwelling
Unpaid Assistance to a Person with a Disability (UNCAREP)
Unpaid Child Care (CHCAREP)
Unpaid Domestic Work: Number of Hours (DOMP)
Unpaid work
Unrelated child (under 15)
Unrelated individual living in a family household
Urban Centre and Locality (UCL)
Urban Centre and Locality, Section of State (UCL/SOS)
Usual residence
Visitors to a householdBack to top
Visitors to Australia
Voluntary Work for an Organisation or Group (VOLWP)
Working population
Year of Arrival in Australia (YARP)
Year of birthBack to top

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