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Classifications Index
The Classifications Index provides a ready reference to all variables available from the 2016 Census. The index can be sorted one column at a time by clicking on the column title. It can be sorted by mnemonic, description, release phase or category. Note changes to the release phases and terminology for them, for the 2016 Census:

  • June release - The majority of data items, on most geographies, will be available in June 2017.
  • October release - The data items which are more complex and time consuming to code, including occupation and industry, employment and population mobility will be released in October 2017.

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Mnemonic* Description* Release (2017)* Category*
AGEP Age June Person
AGE5P Age in Five Year Groups June Person
AGE10P Age in Ten Year Groups June Person
ANCP Ancestry Multi Response June Person
ANC1P Ancestry 1st Response June Person
ANC2P Ancestry 2nd Response June Person
ASSNP Core Activity Need for Assistance June Person
BEDD Number of Bedrooms in Private Dwelling June Household/Dwelling
BEDRD Number of Bedrooms in Private Dwelling (ranges) June Household/Dwelling
BPFP Country of Birth of Mother June Person
BPLP Country of Birth of Person June Person
BPMP Country of Birth of Father June Person
BPPP Country of Birth of Parents June Person
CACF Count of All Children in Family June Family
CDCAF Count of Dependent Children Under 15 Temporarily Absent June Family
CDCF Count of Dependent Children in Family June Family
CDPP Community Development Programme Participation October Person
CDSAF Count of Dependent Students (15-24 years) Temporarily Absent June Family
CHCAREP Unpaid Child Care June Person
CITP Australian Citizenship June Person
CNDAF Count of Non-Dependent Children Temporarily Absent June Family
CNDCF Count of Non-Dependent Children in Family June Family
CPAD Count of Persons Temporarily Absent from Household June Household/Dwelling
CPAF Count of Persons Temporarily Absent from Family June Family
CPRF Count of Persons in Family June Family
CTGP Child Type (including grandchildren) June Person
CTPP Child Type June Person
DLOD Dwelling Location June Household/Dwelling
DOMP Unpaid Domestic Work: Number of Hours June Person
DWTD Dwelling Type June Household/Dwelling
EETP Engagement in Employment, Education and Training October Person
EMPP Number of Employees October Person
ENGLP Proficiency in Spoken English/Language June Person
ENGP Proficiency in Spoken English June Person
FBLF Family Blending June Family
FIDF Family Income Derivation Indicator June Family
FINASF Total Family Income as Stated (weekly) June Family
FINF Total Family Income (weekly) June Family
FMCF Family Composition June Family
FMGF Grandparent Families June Family
FNOF Family Number June Family
FRLF Relationship Between Families June Family
GNGP Public/Private Sector October Person
HCFMD Family Household Composition (Dwelling) June Household/Dwelling
HCFMF Family Household Composition (Family) June Family
HEAP Level of Highest Educational Attainment October Person
HHCD Household Composition June Household/Dwelling
HIDD Household Income Derivation Indicator June Household/Dwelling
HIED Equivalised Total Household Income (weekly) June Household/Dwelling
HINASD Total Household Income as Stated (weekly) June Household/Dwelling
HIND Total Household Income (weekly) June Household/Dwelling
HOSD Housing Suitability June Household/Dwelling
HRSP Hours Worked October Person
HRWRP Hours Worked (ranges) October Person
HSCP Highest Year of School Completed June Person
IFAGEP Imputation Flag for Age June Person
IFMSTP Imputation Flag for Registered Marital Status June Person
IFNMFD Imputation Flag for Number of Males and Females in Dwelling June Household/Dwelling
IFPOWP Imputation Flag for Place of Place of Work October Person
IFPURP Imputation Flag for Place of Usual Residence June Person
IFSEXP Imputation Flag for Sex June Person
INCP Total Personal Income (weekly) June Person
INDP Industry of Employment October Person
INGDWTD Indigenous Household Indicator June Household/Dwelling
INGP Indigenous Status June Person
LANP Language Spoken at Home June Person
LFHRP Labour Force Status and Hours Worked Not Stated October Person
LFSF Labour Force Status of Parents/Partners in Families October Family
LFSP Labour Force Status October Person
LLDD Landlord Type June Household/Dwelling
MDCP Social Marital Status June Person
MRED Mortgage Repayments (monthly) Dollar Values June Household/Dwelling
MRERD Mortgage Repayments (monthly) Ranges June Household/Dwelling
MSTP Registered Marital Status June Person
MTWP Method of Travel to Work October Person
MV1D Household One Year Mobility Indicator October Household/Dwelling
MV5D Household Five Year Mobility Indicator October Household/Dwelling
NEDD Dwelling Internet Connection June Household/Dwelling
NPDD Type of Non-Private Dwelling June Household/Dwelling
NPRD Number of Persons Usually Resident in Dwelling June Household/Dwelling
OCCP Occupation October Person
POWP Place of Work October Person
PURP Place of Usual Residence June Person
PUR1P Place of Usual Residence One Year Ago October Person
PUR5P Place of Usual Residence Five Years Ago October Person
QALFP Non-School Qualification: Field of Study October Person
QALLP Non-School Qualification: Level of Education October Person
RELP Religious Affiliation June Person
RLCP Relationship as Reported for Couples June Person
RLGP Relationship in Household (including grandchildren) June Person
RLHP Relationship in Household June Person
RLNP Residential Status in a Non-Private Dwelling June Person
RNTD Rent (weekly) Dollar Values June Household/Dwelling
RNTRD Rent (weekly) Ranges June Household/Dwelling
RPIP Family/Household Reference Person Indicator June Person
SAFD Supported Accommodation Flag October Household/Dwelling
SEXP Sex June Person
SIEMP Status in Employment October Person
SLPP Sex of Lone Parent June Person
SPLF Location of Spouse June Family
SSCF Same-Sex Couple Indicator June Family
STRD Dwelling Structure June Household/Dwelling
STUP Full-Time/Part-Time Student Status June Person
TEND Tenure Type June Household/Dwelling
TENLLD Tenure and Landlord Type June Household/Dwelling
TISP Number of Children Ever Born June Person
TISRP Number of Children Ever Born (ranges) June Person
TYPP Type of Educational Institution Attending June Person
TYSTAP Educational Institution: Attendee Status June Person
UAICP Usual Address Indicator Census Night June Person
UAI1P Usual Address One Year Ago Indicator October Person
UAI5P Usual Address Five Years Ago Indicator October Person
UNCAREP Unpaid Assistance to a Person with a Disability June Person
VEHD Number of Motor Vehicles June Household/Dwelling
VEHRD Number of Motor Vehicles (ranges) June Household/Dwelling
VOLWP Voluntary Work for an Organisation or Group June Person
YARP Year of Arrival in Australia June Person
YARRP Year of Arrival in Australia (ranges) June Person

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