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Community Development Programme (CDP)

The Community Development Programme (CDP) is a Government initiative assisting job seekers in remote areas to gain the skills, training and capabilities needed to find sustainable employment and contribute to their communities through a range of flexible activities. The programme aims to improve the economic and social well-being of remote communities.

A similar program, Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) was present in 2011, which was then reformed into the Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP).

From 1 July 2015, RJCP was replaced by the CDP.

For the 2016 Census of Population and Housing, participation in CDP was asked only on the Interviewer Household Form. CDP participation was not collected in other Census forms.

CDP participants (like RJCP participants) receive income support payments, and are not considered to be in an employer/employee relationship with their provider. As such, in the 2016 Census, people only participating in this programme are not considered to be employed unless they also have a non-CDP job. CDP participants who are not employed are classified as either unemployed or not in the labour force, depending on their job search activities. This is in contrast with 2011, where participants in the CDEP received wages and were considered to have an employer/employee relationship. Hence, CDEP participants were classified as employed in the 2011 Census.

See also Community Development Programme Participation (CDPP), Interviewer Household Form, Labour Force Status (LFSP).

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