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2016 Census Dictionary >> Glossary >> Labour Force Status (LFSP)

Labour Force Status (LFSP)

This is a derived variable applicable to all people aged 15 years and over. It classifies people as employed working full-time, part-time or away from work, unemployed looking for full-time work, looking for part-time work, or not in the labour force. The category 'Employed, away from work' also includes persons who stated they worked but who did not state the number of hours worked.

Labour Force Status (LFSP) is derived using responses to questions on:
  • full/part-time job
  • job last week
  • hours worked
  • looking for work and
  • availability to start work.

The derivation methodology takes into account answers to these questions to derive the most appropriate Labour Force Status.

A minor change was made to the format of the question about active job seeking to emphasise and clarify the 'active' component. The phrase 'full-time or part-time job of any kind' has been replaced in the question which asks whether a person had a job last week.

In the 2011 Census, participants in the Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) were classified as employed. This scheme has since been replaced by the Community Development Programme (CDP). People participating only in this programme are not considered to be employed for the 2016 Census. They are considered unemployed or not in the labour force, depending on their job search activities and availability. For further information on this change, see Community Development Programme (CDP).

The Census of Population and Housing and the Labour Force Survey both collect information about labour market activity. Information comparing the two collections is available in The 2016 Census and the Labour Force Survey fact sheet in Census of Population and Housing: Understanding the Census and Census Data, Australia (cat. no. 2900.0).

See also Community Development Programme (CDP), Contributing family worker, Employee, Labour force.

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