2901.0 - Census of Population and Housing: Census Dictionary, 2016  
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Age (AGEP)

Age has been collected in all Australian Censuses. Age data, combined with sex data, are essential for the production of accurate population estimates based on the Census count.

The 2016 Census form asks respondents to provide the date of birth for each person on the form, or age in years if date of birth is not known. Age is calculated from date of birth when provided, otherwise stated age is used. Age data is only output in whole years. If neither age nor date of birth is provided, age is imputed using other information on the form and using an age distribution of the population. The variable Imputation Flag for Age (IFAGEP) is used to indicate if a person's age has been imputed for the Census. Also for 2016, the phrase 'last birthday' has been removed from the text of this question as it was found to be potentially confusing

For 2016, AGEP classifies each person's age into single year categories, from 0 to 115 years. For infants aged less than one year, 0 years of age is recorded.

Age is used during processing as a cross check with other variables; for example, the age of the respondent determines whether particular questions asked in the Census are applicable.

If age is under 15 years, then the following person variables are not applicable:
    • Engagement in Employment, Education and Training (EETP).
    • Highest Year of School Completed (HSCP)
    • Hours Worked (HRSP)
    • Hours Worked (ranges) (HRWRP)
    • Industry of Employment (INDP)
    • Labour Force Status (LFSP)
    • Level of Highest Educational Attainment (HEAP)
    • Method of Travel to Work (MTWP)
    • Non-School Qualification: Field of Study (QALFP)
    • Non-School Qualification: Level of Education (QALLP)
    • Number of Children Ever Born (TISP)
    • Number of Children Ever Born (ranges) (TISRP)
    • Number of Employees (EMPP)
    • Occupation (OCCP)
    • Place of Work (POWP)
    • Public/Private Sector (GNGP)
    • Registered Marital Status (MSTP)
    • Social Marital Status (MDCP)
    • Status in Employment (SIEMP)
    • Total Personal Income (weekly) (INCP)
    • Unpaid Assistance to a Person with a Disability (UNCAREP)
    • Unpaid Child Care (CHCAREP)
    • Unpaid Domestic Work: Number of Hours (DOMP) and
    • Voluntary Work for an Organisation or Group (VOLWP).

The following age constraints also apply:
    • if age is under five years, Place of Usual Residence Five Years Ago (PUR5P) and Usual Address Five Years Ago Indicator (UAI5P) are not applicable
    • if age is under one year, Place of Usual Residence One Year Ago (PUR1P) and Usual Address One Year Ago Indicator (UAI1P) are not applicable
    • a person's age and Year of Arrival in Australia (YARP) must be logically consistent and
    • the household or family reference person must be aged 15 years or over.

See also Derivations and imputations, Estimated Resident Population (ERP), Imputation variables.

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