2006 Census: Time Capsule

The Census Time Capsule gives Australians the chance to have their name-identified information retained securely by the National Archives of Australia for 99 years.

This question was asked for the first time in 2001. Over 52 per cent of Australians gave consent to have their name-identified information made Private and Confidential for 99 years and then released in 2100.

In 2006, Australians are again being asked if they would like to have their information retained and kept confidential for 99 years, then released in 2105 for research purposes.

If you answer ‘Yes, agrees’ in this question and sign the form, your name-identified Census information will be preserved on microfilm and held securely by the National Archives of Australia until 2105.

If you mark ‘No, does not agree’, or leave this question blank, or do not sign the form, your name and address information will be destroyed once statistical processing of the forms has been completed.

People who may be interested in accessing this kind of information in the distant future include genealogists, historians, academics, social analysts, journalists, and family members in the twenty-second century.

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Time Capsule Brochure

You can choose to be part of the Census 2006 Time Capsule

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