2006 Census: Community Media Resources


For family and local historians visit Geneology media information.

As family and local historians you are well placed to talk to your local suburban, town or regional journalists about the 2006 Census Time Capsule.

To assist you in this task the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and the National Archives of Australia (NAA) have together developed some resources that you may find helpful. These can be accessed through visiting www.abs.gov.au/census and include:

  • General media release template
  • Family History Week media release template

Simply save the document from the website to your computer, type in your own details and the date where indicated, and deliver by fax, mail or in person to your local radio station and newspaper office. Be prepared to answer some questions about family history generally, Family History Week and the Census Time Capsule.

To help you answer these questions we’ve produced a Census Time Capsule Booklet. This booklet is available as a pdf via the ABS web site.

We’ve also sponsored the inaugural AFFHO Family History Week.

You can also find information on the 2006 Census and the 2006 Census Time Capsule on the Internet at:

To assist you to communicate about the 2006 Census Time Capsule Project to all members of the community we’ve produced a poster. You can obtain copies from the ABS or print it out from the website.
On the web site, www.abs.gov.au/census, there is a 2006 Census brochure, which includes Census Time Capsule information, in 20 community languages. If you want to obtain copies simply print them out from the web site or download and email them to local community organisations.