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AGE10PAge in Ten Year Groups
AGE5PAge in Five Year Groups
ANC1PAncestry 1st Response
ANC2PAncestry 2nd Response
ANCPAncestry Multi Response
ASSNPCore Activity Need for Assistance
BPFPBirthplace of Female Parent
BPLPCountry of Birth of Person
BPMPBirthplace of Male Parent
BPPPBirthplace of Parents
CDEPCommunity Development Employment Projects Participation
CHCAREPUnpaid Child Care
CITPAustralian Citizenship
CTGPChild Type (including grandchildren)
CTPPChild Type
DOMPUnpaid Domestic Work: Number of Hours
EMPPNumber of Employees
EMTPEmployment Type
ENGLPProficiency in Spoken English/Language
ENGPProficiency in Spoken English
GNGPPublic/Private Employer Indicator
HEAPLevel of Highest Educational Attainment
HRSPHours Worked
HRWRPHours Worked (ranges)
HSCPHighest Year of School Completed
IFAGEPImputation Flag for Age
IFMSTPImputation Flag for Registered Marital Status
IFPURPImputation Flag for Place of Usual Residence
INCPTotal Personal Income (weekly)
INDPIndustry of Employment
INGPIndigenous Status
LANPLanguage Spoken at Home
MDCPSocial Marital Status
LFHRPLabour Force Status and Hours Worked Not Stated
LFSPLabour Force Status
MSTPRegistered Marital Status
MTWPMethod of Travel to Work
POWPPlace of Work
PUR1PPlace of Usual Residence One Year Ago
PUR5PPlace of Usual Residence Five Years Ago
PURPPlace of Usual Residence
QALFPNon-School Qualification: Field of Study
QALLPNon-School Qualification: Level of Education
RELPReligious Affiliation
RLCPRelationship as Reported for Couples
RLGPRelationship in Household (including grandchildren)
RLHPRelationship in Household
RLNPResidential Status in a Non-Private Dwelling
RPIPFamily/Household Reference Person Indicator
SLPPSex of Lone Parent
STUPFull-Time/Part-Time Student Status
TISPNumber of Children Ever Born
TISRPNumber of Children Ever Born (ranges)
TYPPType of Educational Institution Attending
TYSTAPEducational Institution: Attendee Status
UAI1PUsual Address One Year Ago Indicator
UAI5PUsual Address Five Years Ago Indicator
UAICPUsual Address Indicator Census Night
UNCAREPUnpaid Assistance to a Person with a Disability
VOLWPVoluntary Work for an Organisation or Group
YARPYear of Arrival in Australia
YARRPYear of Arrival in Australia (ranges)




Household / Dwelling

2011 Census Dictionary

Archived content. See ABS Website for latest information and statistics