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QuickStats Country of Birth is a fast, simple way for users to understand an area in terms of the country of birth of its residents.


QuickStats Country of Birth



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It is intended for anyone wanting quick summary information about migrants from a particular country compared with all overseas born residents and the Australian born population in a particular area.

QuickStats Country of Birth presents key themes from the 2011 Census relating to persons, families and dwellings for people born in a selected range of countries. Users can select from the top 53 countries of birth for geographic areas ranging from Australia, States and Territories to Greater Capital City Statistical Areas and Rest of State. For further information please see the list of countries and geographies.

Tables, graphs and narratives present the information by country of birth for your chosen area of interest in a way that is easily viewed and printed. It is an ideal product for students, small businesses and community groups needing general statistics on selected migrant sub-groups for a particular geographic area.

If you require more information about migrants, you can explore this topic further by visiting the Topics @ a Glance – Migrant and Ethnicity page. If you wish to know more about a chosen area, you can explore it in more detail through direct links to the Community Profiles series or through Census Quickstats.

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