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Independent Assurance Panel Members Announced

3 November 2016

The Independent Assurance Panel on 2016 Census of Population and Housing data is comprised of eminent Australian and international statisticians, academics, state government representatives and members of the Australian Statistics Advisory Council (ASAC).

The Panel will undertake an independent review of 2016 Census data to provide extra assurance and transparency of Census data quality. This review will be undertaken alongside the ABS’ existing quality assurance processes.

Independent Assurance Panel members are:
  • Chair – Professor Sandra Harding, Vice-Chancellor and President of James Cook University;
  • Dennis Trewin AO, former Australian Statistician and former President of the International Statistical Institute;
  • Professor Peter McDonald AM, Head of Demography, University of Melbourne and President of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population, 2010–2013;
  • Peter Morrison, Former Assistant Chief Canadian Statistician, responsible for running the Canadian Census;
  • Anton Voss, Deputy Secretary, Tasmanian Department of Treasury and Finance, and member of the ASAC; and
  • Professor Lisa Jackson Pulver AM, Pro Vice-Chancellor Engagement and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership at the University of Western Sydney, and member of the ASAC.

The Terms of Reference will be agreed upon when the Panel sits for the first time in mid-November. The Panel will report to the Australian Statistician by 31 March 2017.


Independent Assurance Panel Members Announced

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