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Thanks, Australia!

24 September 2016

The formal collection period for the 2016 Census is complete.

You can still receive a paper form once the online system has closed. Paper forms will continue to be accepted by the secure Data Capture Centre as they make their way back via return mail.

For assistance, please complete the online inquiry form or call the Census Inquiry Service between 8.00am and 8.00pm daily on 1300 214 531. This phone line will be open until 8pm on Friday, 30 September.

The ABS will now begin processing and analysing the data collected to provide high-quality information for all communities across Australia. This process, including the Post Enumeration Survey (PES), will ultimately determine the overall response rate and coverage of the 2016 Census.

Data will be released quicker than any previous Census, with a selection of population and dwelling counts scheduled for release in April 2017, delivering high quality and timely official statistics just eight months after Census night.


Thanks, Australia!

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