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It's not too late

19 September 2016

Thanks to the more than 93 per cent of households who have completed the Census. If you haven’t – it’s not too late. Act now to join everyone in the count. Field Officers will continue to visit households where a completed form has not been recorded.

The collection phase of the 2016 Census is due to officially close on Friday, 23 September 2016. Paper forms will continue to be accepted by the secure Census Data Capture Centre as they make their way back via return mail.

If you haven’t already, jump online and complete your Census or return your households’ completed paper form in the blue Reply Paid envelope provided today (one form per envelope please). Please answer all questions accurately and in full.

If you need any assistance, Census Field Officers are visiting households and can help. Alternatively, you can contact us via our online enquiry form. The Census Inquiry Service will be open to assist members of the public until September 30, between 8am and 8pm (local time), seven days a week.

Thanks, Australia!

For more information about the Census, go to census.abs.gov.au


It's not too late

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