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There's still time to complete your Census

23 August 2016

We would like to thank everyone who has completed the Census. By participating in the Census, you’re helping to shape Australia’s future.

If you tried to complete the Census online on August 9 and were unable to, we apologise for the inconvenience. We took our system down as a precautionary step to protect Australia’s data. The online form is running smoothly and securely. Your data is safe.

If you haven’t completed your Census form, it’s not too late. You won’t be fined if you complete your form after Census night. Please answer all questions accurately and in full, as if it were August 9.

If you received a Census letter, please follow the instructions to complete your Census online as soon as possible. You can also request a paper form through our automated paper form request service. It’s open 24 hours. You just need your 12-digit Census Login from your Census letter. Please allow up to two weeks for your paper form to arrive. Paper forms must be completed and returned in the blue Reply Paid envelope provided without delay.

If you recently received a reminder letter but you have already completed your Census – thank you, no further action is required.

If you haven’t received your Census materials, lost your letter or require a personal Login, there’s still plenty of time to request one. Please call the Census Inquiry Service on 1300 214 531 or use our online form to submit a request. The Census Inquiry Service is open seven days from 8am – 8pm to help with any questions you have about completing the Census online or in paper form.

Census Field Officers will also begin visiting homes that haven’t completed the Census to remind and assist residents to complete their form. Field Officers will be able to provide households with a 12-digit Login to complete the Census online, or a paper form with a Reply Paid envelope.

Thanks, Australia.


There's still time to complete your Census

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