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Nature and content of the 2016 Census

2 June 2015

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is continuing preparations for Australia's next Census of Population and Housing in August 2016. For the first time, this Census will use a digital-first approach with a new, more sustainable and efficient process.

The Australian Census continues to be one of the most comprehensive Censuses conducted anywhere in the world, with a long list of person and dwelling topics. A rigorous review and public consultation process of Census topics conducted by ABS after the 2011 Census confirmed that there is strong support for each of the existing Census topics. As such, the 2016 Census will continue to collect high quality information across the same set of Census topics included in the past two Censuses.

The consultation process also identified areas where there is an emerging need for new information. However the addition of new topics to the Census would come with a considerable cost and burden on households, and at the expense to other data collected.

The ABS is embarking on a transformation of all people and social statistics which will look at how can information needs be best met by the ABS and partners. Through this transformation process, the ABS will take into account submissions made as part of the recent public consultation process as well as providing further opportunities for contributions to our consideration of information priorities.

The ABS will publish the "Nature and Content of 2016 Census of Population and Housing" in August 2015 which will provide further details on the plans for the 2016 Census, the details of each topic and how it will be collected in the Census.


Nature and content of the 2016 Census

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