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Last call for eCensus and mailing Census forms

2 September 2011 | CO/51

Monday 5 September is the last opportunity for people to submit their Census form online using eCensus.

Head of the Population Census program, Paul Lowe says the Census is compulsory for everyone who was in Australia on Census night, Tuesday, 9 August 2011, and encourages anyone who hasn’t yet participated to submit their form online or mail back their paper form.

“The vast majority of Census Collectors have now finished, but people who have an eCensus Number, but are yet to complete or submit their online form, can do so until 10pm AEST this coming Monday,” Mr Lowe says.

"Australia has shown great support for the Census, especially online. Around 30 per cent of the population have chosen to complete the Census online using eCensus."

Mr Lowe says anyone who still has a completed paper form should post it as soon as possible.

“If you still have your form, you can request a mail back envelope online at,” Mr Lowe adds.

You can also post it reply paid in your own envelope to:

Australian Bureau of Statistics
Reply Paid 86331
Melbourne VIC 8060

Mr Lowe also adds the Census Inquiry Service closes at 5pm AEST on Wednesday 7 September.

The first results of the Census will be released in June 2012 on the Australian Bureau of Statistics website. Census data is used to help plan for the future, including services and facilities such as schools, transport and health care that you use in your community every day.

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Archived content. See ABS Website for latest information and statistics