Survey Participant Information - Economic Activity Survey



Welcome to the help pages for the Economic Activity Survey for 2018-19.

If you have received a survey form, your business has been selected this year to represent your industry, irrespective of business type (including not-for-profit organisations) or the size of the business. Small businesses have different characteristics from large and medium size businesses and make an important contribution to the Australian economy. The data you provide in the survey will contribute to the compilation of Australian National Accounts including Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measures.

For common questions about why your business has been selected in ABS business surveys, please see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

If your business has been asked to complete a survey corresponding to an industry in which it does not operate, please complete the survey anyway. Your data will still contribute.

For information about what to do if your business ceased operating before or during the 2018-19 reference period, please refer to Business changes.

For information about how to complete your survey in accordance with the new accounting standard for leases (AASB 16), please refer to AASB 16 Leases.

For help using the online survey tool (eSurvey) please see eSurvey Help.

These online pages are designed to help businesses understand and complete the questions asked on the survey. In these pages, examples are used to illustrate what the questions may mean for particular industries or groups of industries. The examples should not be taken as an exhaustive list, and if your questions are not answered here you can also contact the free call (excluding mobile phones) phone number on the Contact Us page.

A number of different form variations are used to collect information for the Economic Activity Survey based on the industries or groups of industries to which businesses are classified by the ABS.

To access the appropriate help page for your business, please make a selection below according to the main industry or sector in which your business operates.

Before providing your answers to the online form, you can preview the survey questions as a whole, in PDF format. Some businesses find this PDF useful for gathering information from others in the business and drafting answers before they are entered into the online form. You can find this PDF in your ABS Survey Account, next to the survey's 'Start' / 'Resume' button. Click the 'Preview' button to open the pdf.

The ABS produces several economic surveys each year to generate data on differing economic factors. We try not to burden businesses with multiple surveys, however it is possible that your business may be selected more than once to reflect varying aspects of the Australian economy. If this is the case, please take the time to respond to each survey as your data is important in representing your industry.

For information on how the ABS is reducing the reporting load placed on businesses, see Steps the ABS is taking to minimise reporting load placed on businesses.

ABS analysts may contact your business in the future if clarification is required on the data provided.

Thank you for your time and contribution.