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Understanding Statistics

Knowing how to understand and use statistics is vital for informed decision-making. The Understanding Statistics page provides a link to a range of tools and resources to assist users to understand, interpret and evaluate statistical information.

Other Reference material on the ABS website includes:

Methods and Standards provides links to the standards and classifications used in ABS data.

An Introduction to Sample Surveys: A User's Guide (cat. no. 1299.0)

Image: Statistical Consultancy Services and Outposted Officers
Statistical Consultancy Services and Outposted Officers

Do you need to design a survey form, and don't know where to start? Do you have data requiring complex statistical analysis? Our consultants have the expertise to help clarify your objectives and plan your project effectively.

The ABS Statistical Consultancy service provides access to professional statisticians with wide ranging experience and expertise in survey design, data analysis, and specialist knowledge in a range of statistical fields, including time series analysis and forms design.

You may have a need for short term or medium term in-house statistical expertise. The ABS can provide Outposted Officers to assist with statistical projects.

For further information on Statistical Consultancy services or Outposted Officers, email us at

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Redistributing Data

The bulk of ABS website content can now be redistributed by users under Creative Commons Licensing. This allows users to re-use, build upon and distribute ABS data, even commercially. See Creative Commons Licensing for more details.

If you wish to redistribute customised ABS data that is not freely available on the ABS website, you may need to enter into a licencing agreement with the ABS.

Find out more in How do I become a Licenced Intermediary?

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